Why do marital affairs occur during pregnancy?

Published: 02nd December 2009
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One of the toughest tets for a relationship is during the 9 months of pregnancy when a couple decide to have a children. Having children is one of the biggest events of a relationship, indeed of your life, and such a turbulent time can result in un-expected things happening.

A Marital Affair can start during pregnancy from either side. For the man, the change from viewing his partner from lover to mother is a confusing one. He may seek to categorise her now as a mother, and therefore seek a 'lover' elsewhere. There can also be a change in the way a man is attracted to his partner. The body does change and women naturally may add a few pounds, this can result in the man straying.

However, men are not the only ones who seek Marital Affair during the pregnancy process. Some woman find that their sex drive can increase enormously during pregnancy, and if the man is less interested in sex, possibly due to the reasons given above, she may well go elsewhere. Whilst heavily pregnant women are less likely to indulge in an affair or cheat on their husbands, it does occasionally happen.

So, how can this kind of behaviour be prevented? Well, as in all relationships, communication is the key. The woman must communicate to the man that she is still a woman with all the feelings that encompasses. It is possible to be a lover and a mother. For the man, he must make it clear how he feels about the changes in his partner, and how he can accept these more easily as part of a process of change.

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